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Frida Isabel Durazo (17 years old), comes from Hispanic origins and was born in Chula Vista, CA. Her awareness and enthusiasm to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering came from an opportunity to attend a San Diego State STEM Summer program in 2012. While there she learned what engineering was about and fell in love with it but didn’t know what specific field she wanted to study.

One day I was asked by a friend, “Well, what do you want to build or create?” and without thinking I shouted out “Spaceships!” Later I learned from my father that when I was young, I used to play with model airplanes and that I even asked him to put them in a safe for me. I then realized that all my childhood video games were based on space exploration. My love for space exploration was an unconscious passion throughout my childhood.

“I love the idea of being able to explore space and to expand human knowledge. I hope to be able to help make that happen in my career as an aerospace engineer.”


Eagle Sarmont is a retired aerospace engineer, formerly with NASA-AMES, Northrop, Lockheed-Burbank, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, and Lockheed Advanced Development Company.

Mr. Sarmont left the aerospace industry in 1998 and returned to school. Graduated from the California Maritime Academy as a deck officer and sailed with the U.S. Navy as a civilian mariner until 2012.

Mr. Sarmont is the inventor of the Earth Orbiting Elevator, aka, Skyhook concept. http://haveyoueverdreamed.wordpress.com/

Mr. Sarmont began mentoring students in 2014.

VALT is the largest student project to date.


Frida & Eagle

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